Multimodal Age Estimation - Privately

Multimodal Age Estimation

We have developed a unique privacy preserving age estimation technology that can run on a user’s device and perform age estimation on a recurrent basis. The technology uses a patent pending algorithm to combine voice , image and optionally text to estimate age.

What is Multimodal Age Estimation?

Most AI based age estimation technologies rely on one type of measurement to estimate the user’s age. By contrast- Privately’s age estimation SDK uses a combination of voice, image and text. What’s even better -since our technology runs on the client side, it can determine the user’s age during each multimedia session. The platform can constantly adapt to the age of the user during a session- the age detection is seamlessly built into the user’s experience. The age estimation SDK is a GDPR/ COPAA compliant age estimation technique that can be integrated into apps, games and devices.