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Solutions for protecting user privacy online. Gives end users control over their content and personal data shared over social networks. Helping citizens reclaim their privacy!


Secure Social Sharing

Users choose who can see their posts and for how long. Telcos offering this service to end customer can securely store user data in their trusted network or with our network in Switzerland subject to Swiss privacy laws.



The right to be forgotten

Telecom service providers can offer their users a right to be forgotten on every post . User posts needn’t be on the net forever- help them communicate freely



Anti Snooping / Anti Surveillance

Thanks to end to end encryption no human or machine has unauthorised access to unintended user posts. Removing metadata, and introducing content validity insulates user content from snooping and surveillance




  • Metadata removed
  • User privacy setting overrides social network settings
  • Patent protected privacy architecture for social networks



  • User can choose among privacy filters that express their mood
  • Visual encryption can be deployed to create a surprise or a visual gift for the receiver


Data Privacy

  • Primary data storage in Switzerland goverened by Swiss laws
  • No back door
  • Possible to offer secure storage in another location/network





Right to be forgotten

  • User can choose who can see her social network post and for how long
  • User post is auto deleted from the network after its validity is over



  • End to end encryption
  • Visual encryption suited for social networks


Trusted Service

  • User data is handled in Switzerland according to Swiss privacy laws
  • Social Network has no access to the actual user post
  • Low possibility of tagging, facial recognition and other intrusions by man or machine



Industry solutions for...


Telecom Operators

With the DPoD platform, Telecom operators can offer secure distribution and secure storage of user content over social networks and cloud services and thereby become custodians of user privacy.


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Mobile Device Manufacturers

Using the DPoD platform, Mobile device manufacturers can bring a truly differentiated offering and value to end users to address the growing demand for online user privacy.


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Online Privacy Companies

The DPoD platform complements current consumer privacy offerings of online privacy companies by introducing proactive privacy management tools for the user.


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DPoD is a modular platform which allows Telcos, device manufacturers and security solution providers to deploy a specific privacy solution most suited to the needs of their user base.



Operator can choose:

  1. Various types of Social Networks to secure
  2. Various types of devices to secure
  3. Types of data to be secured (e.g photos, videos, text, tweets, medical data)
  4. Standard or specific key management
  5. Possibility of custom encryption including visual encryption
  6. Local data storage or storage in Switzerland


  1. Private or cloud based instance of DPoD
  2. Our SDK and API will be available to integrate with your specific messaging applications
  3. We also offer a range of customisation and white labelling possibilities
By offering a modular end-to-end privacy solution, we can help Telecom operators monetize Privacy while delivering serious value to their end-customer  




Using DPoD (Digital Privacy on Demand) solution, Telecom operators can offer an end to end secure and private sharing service to their users who are active on social networks and messaging services like Facebook , Twitter etc.



A user of this service can exercise the right to be forgotten on each post shared using the service.

DPoD provide secure distribution and secure storage of user generated content shared on Social Networks and consists of:

  1. Consumer side 'Privately' mobile applications
  2. Network side DPoD platform which can be deployed completely on the cloud or partially on the Telecom network

  1. End-to-end Swiss encryption and cryptographic techniques to bring a unique solution to the domain of user privacy
  2. Secure data storage in Switzerland or in a Private Cloud
  3. White labelling and customization possible
  4. Our SDK and API will be available to integrate with your specific messaging applications


The Team and Board


Deepak Tewari

Board Member and CEO  

Deepak is the founder of Privately Sàrl. In a career spanning 18 years and in telecom and high tech, Deepak held sales and business development roles with Ericsson and managed new business, mergers, acquisitions and divestments at Kudelski. Deepak has a bachelor degree in Electrical engineering from NIT India and an MBA from IMD, Switzerland.

Pascal Bauermeister

Lead Architect

Pascal is a seasoned architect, programmer, and long-term solutions builder having rich and long experience in software and firmware. Pascal has held software architecture and project management roles in the medical devices, and high tech industries. Pascal is a hands on builder and has a few industry firsts to his credit.

François Helg

Senior Software Engineer

François is building the next generation of the Digital Privacy on Demand (DPoD) platform. He has held technical leadership roles in the Pharma and the Consulting industry before joining Privately. He graduated from EPFL with a Bachelor and a Master in Computer Science and a Minor in Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Francois Stieger

Cofounder and Chairman of the Board  

Francois is a very well known entrepreneur and angel investor in Switzerland . He has held senior operational positions in large corporations and mentored many successful startups. Among other roles, he was SVP of (EMEA) operations at VeriSign Inc, Managing Director of operations of Southern and Central Europe field operations at Oracle and Venture Partner at Amadeus Capital Partners Limited. Francois is Co-founder of Privately Sàrl. He sits on the advisory board of the EPFL Faculty of Informatics and Communication and is a boardmember at Typesafe , Socrata and Broadvision.  

Ariel F. Lüdi

Board Member and Founding Investor  

Ariel has been the Chief Executive Officer of hybris GmbH since 2004 and the driving force behind the company’s expansion. Prior to joining hybris, Ariel was Senior Vice President of European sales at, where he oversaw year-over-year revenue increases in excess of 100 percent. Ariel also established and led European sales at BroadVision, and was the head of sales at Oracle Switzerland. He joined Oracle from IBM, his first position after studying physics at ETH in Zurich.

Gilles Rapin

Board Member (Kudelski)  

Gilles is the VP of Business Development at Kudelski and has been associated with the project since its inception and has contributed to incubating and spin off of this project. A seasoned business manager, Mr. Rapin brings in a rich experience on new business development in the information security domain.He has been instrumental in leading large mergers, acquisitions, divestments within the Kudelski group. Prior to joining Kudelski, Mr. Rapin served as the Head, Product Management for Lysis, which was acquired by Kudelski.


Our Advisors


Alex Osadzinsky

Alex is equally dexterous with deep technology as he is with business issues. He has been with six startups as founder/CEO/VP, led 2 IPOs, and led a turnaround at a large multinational company. Alex worked for 8 years in a VC capacity at Trinity Ventures following which he served on the Executive Board at Kudelski. Currently with Raleigh Triangle startups, North Carolina.  

Prof Hervé Bourlard

Hervé Bourlard is Director of the IDIAP Research Institute, involved in speech recognition, computer vision, machine learning, and multimodal interfaces. H. Bourlard is also an External Fellow of the International Computer Science Institute at Berkeley (CA). Having worked for academia as well as large and small industries, Hervé Bourlard has broad and deep experience in both the industrial and academic worlds. He has initiated and managed many national and international projects and initiated several start-up companies, and is the recipient of a few prestigious entrepreneurship awards.



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