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Multi-modal age verification

Accurately establish customer age through Privately's multi-modal face, voice and ID solutions

  • Privacy-preserving, on-device processing. No personal data stored or transmitted

  • Implement multi-layered age verification process to ensure accuracy and reliability

  • Multiple integration options - on browser, on device, SDK.

See Multimodal

Instore age estimation

Automatically and anonymously verify the age of your instore customers at checkout with Privately's AgeAI retail solution

  • Fully GDPR/COPPA compliant. No personal data is stored or transmitted

  • Instant digital age verification via unobtrusive, AI powered faceassure technology

See instore solution

Online child safety

Reassure parents with age-appropriate services to provide a safer online environment for children

  • Anonymised, fully GDPR/COPPA compliant age estimation and protection for minors online

  • Detect and react to multiple child safety concerns, with real-time prompts and suggestions to curb inappropriate messages and image sharing

child safety

Industries we serve


Know the age of online players and offer age-appropriate experiences. Comply with regulation.

Gaming solutions

Social platforms & applications

Verify user age to provide age-appropriate experiences including advertising and protect minors.
Comply with regulation.

Community solutions

Retail - age restricted goods

Fast, anonymous age checks at checkout: online and instore when buying age restricted goods. Self-Check-Out (SCO) and cashier support. Challenge 25 approved solution.

Retail solutions

Embedded in-device technology

Incorporate continuous age verification and online child safety technologies into your devices from VR headsets to vapes.

Device solutions

Private by design

No personal data is stored or transmitted

Customer privacy is at the heart of what we do. We never record or transmit any facial images or retain any personal information. This is not facial recognition - age-estimation is instantaneous and processed on-device.
The data privacy of our systems has been independently verified by a UKAS GDPR certification

GDPR certification

Certified UK GDPR Compliant: Data protection and privacy

Patent-pending edge computing architecture