Fast, anonymous age estimation at checkout

Enabling Self-Check-Out (SCO) and Automated Age Checks

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Easing Age Checks for Restricted Retail

Privately's solutions for Restricted Retail use facial age estimation to help instantly and accurately verify a customer's age, and reduce the need for ID checks on adults, while protecting minors.

Fast, frictionless consumer experience

Instant, automated verification, limiting the need for manual intervention or time-consuming ID verification.

100% GDPR/COPPA compliance

Secure, fully anonymised solution. No personal data is stored or transmitted. Age verification takes place on-device or on-browser.

Accurate age estimation

Reduce your risk with automated age estimation you can relyon. Certified 1.3 years accuracy. Challenge 25 approved.

Retail Solutions

Instore AgeAI app

Automatically and anonymously verify the age of your instore customers at checkout via a simple app that works with most standard android tablets and smartphones (iOS coming soon)

  • Fully GDPR/COPPA compliant - no personal data is stored or transmitted

  • Instant, digital age estimation with accurate, AI powered FaceAssure technology

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Self-Checkout (SCO) Online Solutions

Enables sales of restricted goods to adults during self-checkouts through automated age verification

  • Removes the friction to check Ids for adults during SCO

  • Can integrate with a self-checkout user flow and conduct accurate age checks on user device- no download required

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