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Embedded customisable solutions to add age-estimation
and online child safety tools to devices

Fully GDPR/COPPA compliant

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Customisable, age-aware solutions for device manufacturers

Privately enables developers to incorporate digital age verification and child safety features into next generation devices and technology solutions.

Instant, automated verification

Fast, frictionless consumer experience. Instantly estimate a user's age via on-device facial or voice recognition.

Fully GDPR/COPPA compliant

Secure, anonymised solutions. No user biometric or personal data is captured or transmitted.

High accuracy

Automated age estimation you can trust. ACCS-UKAS certified 95% accuracy. Challenge 25 approved.

Device solutions

Multi-modal age estimation

Anonymous, privacy-preserving on-device age estimation via facial or voice input.

  • Implement a multi-layered age verification process to ensure accuracy and reliability

  • 100% privacy preserving. Processing done on device with no personal data stored or transmitted

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Online child safety

Reassure parents and allay child safety concerns with age-appropriate solutions to enable children to engage more safely and confidently on their devices.

  • Detect and react to multiple child safety concerns, with real-time prompts and suggestions to curb inappropriate messages and image sharing

  • Simple, customisable SDK integration

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