Making social and VR apps safer for minors

Continuous age awareness and proactive online safety
for social, dating and video sharing platforms

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Continuous Age Awareness and Child Safety Tools for Social Platforms

When a 9 year old uses her 30+ year old mum's social account- Privately's age awareness technology implemented in-app can proactively help the app adapt to become child-friendly in real-time.

Enable minors to engage safely and reduce risk

Accurately estimate the age of users through facial, voice and text inputs. Tools to detect and react to multiple threats including bullying, sexting and violence.

Ensure compliance with child protection and data privacy laws

100% privacy protecting solution. No biometric or personal information is collected or transmitted. Fully GDPR/COPPA compliant.

Offer age-appropriate advertising and features

Restrict content and features dependent on age of user. Display age-appropriate advertising to minors.


Multi-modal age estimation

Accurately estimate user age through Privately's multi-modal face, voice and text solutions

  • Privacy-preserving, on-device processing. No personal data is stored or transmitted.

  • Implement multi-layered age estimation process to ensure accuracy and reliability.

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Online child safety

Reassure parents with age-appropriate services to provide a safer online environment for children.

  • Detect and react to multiple child safety concerns, with real-time prompts and suggestions to curb inappropriate messages and image sharing.

  • In-app, in-game or in-device integrations

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