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AgeAI: In-Store Age-Checks Simplified

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We take the guesswork away from age checks and automate them. Our AI-powered app helps cashiers better decide when to ask for ID reducing friction in processing adult customers.

As specialists in age estimation and online safety technologies we have incorporated privacy-by-design. Our Faceassure technology recognizes age from facial structure. And it’s completely anonymous: no image is ever transmitted or stored.

How does it work?

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Available for download from Google Play for Android devices.(iOS coming soon) Works on most modern devices. You can sign-up and try it out for a week absolutely free.


Placing your tablet/phone

In your store, install your device such that the cashier can view the main screen while customer faces are visible to the device cameras. Choose your age gate for
25, 30 or 35 year olds.




Simplified Age Check

App offers easy 'Traffic-Light' GREEN/RED color code system your staff will immediately know whether to ask your customers for their ID or not.


Download the App

At the moment is only available forAndroid on the app store. You cansignup and try it out for 1 weekabsolutely free.(Tablet and iOS coming up soon)


Place the device

Within your store, find a place near thecashier where customer faces arevisible to the device back camera


Know your customer s age

With our color code system your staffwill immediately know if you should askyour customers for their ID.

in addition...

Works on most modern smartphones and tablets

We made it possible to use the production standard Android smartphone and tablets, which means you don’t have to buy difficult-to-maintain hardware. (iOS coming soon)

Works offline

Once you’re set up it works offline so you don’t need a continuous internet connection to use the product.

Anonymous User Demographics

Logs age checks (without storing any personal data) so you’ll be able to quickly understand the demographic mix of your customers. (Coming Soon)

Certified accuracy


Our FaceAssure technology has passed the Challenge 25 certification of UKAS. This means it is able to identify 18-20 year olds with near 100% accuracy as being under 25. Overall accuracy for 18-20 year old faces across genders and ethnicities < 1.3 years.


But, what about privacy?

We don’t record any facial images or retain personal information. In short this is not facial recognition - age estimation is instantaneous and on-the device. The data privacy of our systems has been independently verified by a UKAS certification - please view this link for more information.

Certified UK GDPR Compliant: Data protection and Privacy

The only GDPR (UK) age-assurance software in the market

Your customer’s personal data is never stored

Learn more about our AI technology

AgeAI in action

Low Friction Compliance

If your staff inadvertently sell restricted items like vapes or alcohol to minors -you can lose your license, face jail time and $X000's in fines. With our system in your store, your staff can ask minors for IDs more confidently while easing the customer friction for adults. Depending on where you are located you can choose a 25 year, 30 year or 35 year age gate.

Here is some information about the UK , Ireland and the state regulations in the USA

Customer testimonials and Regulator's audit

"AgeAI takes away the guesswork from age determination and assists my staff decide whether an ID age-check is required or not. The accuracy, privacy, ease of use and public certification afforded by this solution makes it ideal for any business selling age-restricted goods."

Brijesh Shroff

Owner, Enjoy Liquors, Florida USA

"I no longer need to hold back 25+ users - this app reduces the friction and queues that ID checks can cause in stores."

Mathias Bergoff

7-day Shop, Zurich, Switzerland

"The Zero Data Principle, which appears to fundamentally underpin Privately’s approach to development and commercialisation, is an excellent approach which helps to ensure that Privately’s final product is as privacy conscious as possible."

ICO- Technology Regulator- UK

Read the Audit Report Here

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Frequently Asked Questions


What Technology does AgeAI use?

AgeAI uses deep learning which has been trained on millions of human faces to understand age from facial features.

Is it Private?

AgeAI uses technology that estimates age from facial structure but without identifying anyone and without retaining any facial scans- it is therefore completely anonymous. We are GDPR(UK) compliant and you can view our certification here.

Who is the company behind AgeAI?

AgeAI is developed by a Swiss technology company called Privately SA. They have developed a number of technologies to provide age assurances to business and to keep children safe online. You can read more about us here.

How Accurate is this technology?

Our technology has been separately certified for EAL-2 Challenge 25. The 'mean-age-error' of the technology was 1.29 years for 18-20 year old test subjects. We have used a variation of that technology in the AgeAI app but the accuracy is expected to remain at similar levels. The technology - like everything else can make errors but it has been proven to be far more accurate and reliable than human estimations.

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