BBC 'Own It' online child safety app uses Privately tech

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BBC Own It - online child safety app with Privately tech

The BBC's 'Own It' app aims to support and guide children as they learn to safety navigate the online world. The app works with a custom keyboard installed on the child's device that can detect potentially harmful text and image inputs and provide prompts and suggestions to reduce risks around hate, toxicity, bullying and data privacy.

The development team at Privately worked with the BBC team on the machine learning and analysis elements of the BBC's 'Own It' app, adapting our existing models and technologies to the specific requirements.

Privately has always been focused on providing better and safer online experiences for children. We have developed a range of AI technology solutions encompassing privacy preserving age estimation and content moderation and prompt tools to support children using various online tools and communities.

Read more about the BBC's 'Own It' app here

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