Privately SA and Luciditi Partner to Revolutionise Automated Age Verification for Online and Offline Businesses

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Lausanne, Switzerland, and London, UK – May 20, 2024 – Privately SA and Luciditi are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership, combining cutting-edge technologies to deliver the most comprehensive age verification solution for a number of industries most notably retail, gaming, gambling , social media and ecommerce.

Privately SA, is a safety tech leader based in Lausanne, Switzerland,  known for their innovations in privacy-by-design multimodal age assurance , online safety and privacy enhancing technologies . Their groundbreaking , GDPR certified solution for facial age estimation  operates directly on user terminals ‘on-device’ without requiring any server-side installation, making cameras ‘Age-Aware’ - and helping businesses provide age-appropriate experiences in online and offline settings while guaranteeing user data privacy. Certified by UKAS in the UK and KJM in Germany, Privately’s technology ensures both privacy and compliance at the highest EAL3  levels.

Luciditi, a product of Arissian Ltd, is a UK-based DIATF certified Digital Identity Service Provider. Their Digital Identity Platform offers state-of-the-art fraud prevention and privacy-preserving applications for identity and age assurance. Luciditi is a trailblazer, being the first in the UK to issue digital credentials for proof of age under the Proof of Age Standard Scheme (PASS). Their platform also features an on-device JS-based SDK, integrating Privately’s age estimation with advanced ID document scanning and digital identity wallet app functionalities.

This partnership brings together two innovators in age assurance and digital identity  to provide a seamless, secure, and efficient age verification solution for multiple industries. Businesses can now benefit from a fully integrated system that ensures compliance, protects privacy, and enhances the customer experience.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  • On-Device Age Estimation: Privately SA’s GDPR-certified technology runs directly on PoS terminals, eliminating the need for server-side installations.
  • Comprehensive ID Verification: Luciditi’s platform offers extensive ID document scanning, covering 13,000 documents from 256 countries.
  • Digital Credential Issuance: Luciditi, a digital credential issuer as well as PASS certified Proof of Age in the UK for in person verification.
  • Enhanced Consumer Privacy: Both technologies prioritise privacy and compliance, ensuring a secure transaction environment.

“We are excited to join forces with Luciditi to offer a best-of-breed end-to-end, comprehensive  age verification solution into the market. Both our teams are focused on innovation, data privacy and consumer experience ,” said Deepak [CEO of Privately SA]. “Our combined offer sets a new standard in performance,  and consumer privacy.”

“This partnership marks a significant step forward in digital identity and age assurance,” said Philip [CTO of Arissian Ltd]. “Together, we’re providing an unparalleled solution that enhances security and efficiency for retailers and consumers alike.”

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About Privately SA

Privately SA, based in Lausanne, Switzerland, is a leading provider of safety tech solutions. Specialising in privacy-preserving technologies, Privately has developed on-device GDPR-certified facial age estimation technology that is certified in the UK and Germany.

About Luciditi by Arissian Ltd

Arissian Ltd, based in the UK, offers the Luciditi Digital Identity Platform, a comprehensive solution for fraud prevention and privacy-preserving identity and age assurance. Luciditi is a DIATF certified Digital Identity Service Provider and the first PASS digital credential issuer in the UK.

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